The Debate

James Frey is not like other writers. His books are not like other books.

“My goal was to create a mythology. To tell a story. To make a work of art that makes sense of a world where we know things that writers of 2,000 years ago could never have known or even imagined”

James Frey talks about THE FINAL TESTAMENT on John Murray’s YouTube channel

When did all the fuss begin?
Heads originally clashed over James Frey after the Smoking Gun published an article on their website highlighting that parts of the memoir were exaggerated. His high-profile appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show added to the controversy surrounding Frey’s writing.

Was he right to embellish his memoir? Was Oprah Winfrey right to support and then shun a million little pieces? How much can you ever trust a memoir? Does it really matter anyway?

James Frey has since spoken out about a phone call he received from Oprah in which she apologised to him for publicly humiliating him on her show. “It was a nice surprise to hear from her,” Frey told Vanity Fair.

In the paperback edition of Bright Shiny Morning, there is an exclusive extract which is all about a writer who is humiliated live on air on a talk show. Two days later, the writer receives an apologetic phone call from the talk show host. Read the extract here.

Make up your own mind. Have your say.

Join the debate.

“Part of me thinks I want to be more like James Frey”

“I think that James Frey puts himself into quite a vulnerable place”

“my friend leonard is about choice”

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